PHP -> RoR -> PHP | GSoC -> OYO -> PharmEasy

Submitted by rakesh on Fri, 11/03/2017 - 12:54

Feels like yesterday only when I joined OYO right after my graduation from College and finishing GSoC programme. I was working at OYO for 1.2 years and it was full of challenging work every single day there. I don't remember a time where I could let my shoulders get down to relax or step down on my toes. Being part of ever busy Finance team gave me a clear picture of how Reconciliation works and how actually the professional life is different than a college life. You're not allowed even a single mistake in a single sale of the organisation. Perfection is always a must.

However, After coming back from DrupalCon Vienna 2017, I put in my papers at OYO Rooms and joined a mid-stage Start up in Aamchi Mumbai, PharmEasy.  Lead by the Shaw brothers, this organisation has been growing really well and I can definitely get a steep learning curve here which I believe is in best interests of me and that's why I had to say Adios to those amazing fellows at OYO.

It's now my second week here and I'm already contributing to production servers. Fixing bugs, Implementing new features