Life at OYO

Submitted by rakesh on Tue, 12/13/2016 - 18:09

It's been 3 months now for me as OYO developer. Though it shouldn't be strange to me as I read almost everything already on Quora what I am witnessing here right now but still it amazes me every now and then. People around me are really talented, learning enthusiast and hard working. Won't be wrong if i say "Experts in their fields".

I was a part of "Supply Team" so far but now I am moving to another team in the same office called "Micro Market" which primarily deals with offline sales of OYO and that includes Sales through customer care, travel agents and other corporate resources. I am kinda nervous as well as excited. I wonder if the guys in this team would be as cool as people from supply team. We all mates were like perfect. We did so much fun together though we never went out for movie or drinks even once. People in my new team and highly experienced and much concerned about the code writing method and conventions. They follow all the latest conventions and don't let the pull request merge into master unless all Hound comments are solved. That's not the thing I am worried about. All i am worried about is whether I would be able to mark upto their expectations. I don't even know what their expectations are but as this team holds a lot of great coders, i just feel I would be more like a Headache to them only. For the first month, My primary motto would be to learn their coding structure and style. I know this would help me a lot in long run but atm, I am kind of disturbed. May be I am afraid of getting out of my comfort zone. I guess that's the only reason. What else could it be.

One thing I must say about People here is they move at very very fast pace. They can design, develop, test really fast and get things done in snap. I always wanted to work for a start u like this only. Immense work is to be done yet people work like they are in last stage of getting things done and the motivation is unmatchable. They work so enthusiastically. A few guys like Ritesh Thounoujam (spelled incorrectly) , Rahul Garg, Mohit Jain (he is in my  new team) are like extremely talented people. I have never seen any error/issue make them lose their natural behaviour. It feels like they have seen them all already.  Though they don't really impress me a lot but they are like my Gurus here. I need to get better at Ruby and Rails to survive in this "keep moving and keep shipping" environment. After college, i don't even remember when was the last time I solved a competitive programming question. I guess I have enjoyed enough for now. It's time to get back on the track.