About me

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I am Rakesh Verma, a 2016 graduate from Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University. I am a passionate product enthusiast and an open source evangelist who loves hacking, competitive programming and speaking at conferences. 

I am contributing to Drupal as a Google Summer of Code 2016 Intern for now. I mostly write PHP in my day-to-day adventures with Drupal but I love scripting as well, so I also keep contributing on projects built with Python or I start my own. I have sound working knowledge of full stack web development environment, from setup to scale.

I love solving challenges on codechef and hackerearth. I mostly use C++ STL for my competitive coding. To be honest, competitive programming is the part I enjoy most as a developer because not only it clears my coding concepts but also teaches me about the approach which should be taken while solving these problem.  Also, I have been developing websites since high school and have pretty good knowledge and experience of working with various CMS like Wordpress, Drupal, OSCommerce etc. 

Most of the code I have written can be found over my github profile. Some code is availiable in private repositories, so If you'd like to have a look at how I code when I am practicing, let me know and I'll share that with you :) . 

I am pretty comfortable with Git, bitbucket along with any other task management tool like Jira.